Lamb of God


We inspire and enrich audiences through the transformative power of symphonic music. As the cultural heart of the community, we share the beauty of music through educational and entertaining performances.


Our vision is to become the Southwest region's premier orchestra.


  • We value our legacy and dedicate our efforts to maintaining our position as the cultural heart of our community.
  • We serve our community and respect our commitment to perform quality symphonic music.
  • We value transparency, honesty, integrity and ethical stewardship.
  • We are strategically minded. We are action-oriented and plan for our future sustainability.
  • We value creative collaboration and cooperation with arts, education, and civic and business partners in the community.
  • We value diversity and innovation as we strive for cultural inclusion and excellence.
  • We are dedicated to life-long learning and impacting student-centered achievement and growth.


  • To build an interest in and appreciation for symphonic music
  • To build partnerships that create understanding, trust and diverse audiences
  • To build financial support that allows for expansive growth of programming and community services
  • To lead in the field of music arts education
  • To act as a voice for the arts in the development of city, county and state policy issues.