SWSYL Information 2023-2024 Season

The Southwest Symphony Youth League is open to anyone ages 12-18. You don’t need to play an instrument to join this elite group! All you need is a passion for music, a willingness to give service, and a little bit of time. Space is limited so reserve your membership today!

What Is the League and What Do We Do?

The Southwest Symphony Youth League (SWSYL) is an organization with the mission to give young people interested in classical music a community in which they can foster their interests, learn from professionals, and create bonds with one another. By joining SWSYL, youth and their families will gain access to these exciting opportunities:

Opening social on September 21, 2023 - food and drinks! Make connections with the professional musicians and music teachers in the symphony!

Attend free symphony concerts

Interact directly with the musicians in the SWS, guest artists, and more

Represent the Southwest Symphony in their schools and other organizations

Experience Exclusive Music Events

Those who are interested in learning more about classical music will benefit greatly from the opportunities provided to the SWSYL - whether you play an instrument or not!

Preconcert lecture on Sep 21, 2023

Opportunities to attend the dress rehearsal prior to each of the 6 SWS performances during the season

Free ticket to concerts if you are involved as a volunteer, plus a 50% discount for two additional tickets to that concert

All SWSYL members receive a 25% discount on concert tickets

For musicians, the chance to perform in the lobby prior to a SWS performance, date TBD based on the location of the concerts, due to the remodeling of the Cox auditorium

SWSYL members will be contacted first for the opportunity to play for guest artist during a master class this season

Closing social and recital at the end of the season

Membership, along with leadership opportunities, look great on a resume or college application

Free t-shirt and other swag!

Membership Responsibilities

As a member of the League, you will be an ambassador to the Washington County area, helping to spread the joy and inspiration that come from playing and listening to symphonic music. There are many roles to fill! During our concerts, we need volunteers willing to:

Distribute programs and usher patrons to their seats

Interact with concertgoers prior to performances, take photos, and post on social media

Work in teams to ensure everyone’s concert experience goes smoothly

Distributing advertising material

Providing assistance during SWS special events, like our Gala

Writing an article for your school or club newsletter

Receive coaching from SWS members and guest artists

How does the League Work?

League membership requires a minimum amount of participation from both members and their parents, and is based on a points system. During the season, league members must accumulate at least 5 points by providing service as described above. Parents of league members must also volunteer to help coordinate at least one event during the season. League members who do not accumulate the minimum amount of points may not renew their membership the following season.

Point valued activities (one point each)

Volunteer at a performance of the Southwest Symphony, as described above. League members are granted a ticket to that night’s performance, and may purchase two additional tickets at a 50% discount.

Volunteer for one other SWS special event - master class, concerto competition, or Gala. Responsibilities will shift based on the nature of the event.

Write an article for your school newspaper (or a newsletter for another organization) about a Southwest Symphony performance.

Distribute 5 pieces of SWS advertising (posters) to venues around the city.

Other activities may qualify as earning points; opportunities will be made known as they become available.

Stand out from the crowd! As part of your application, you may request to be considered for a position in the League Leadership Circle. This is a great opportunity to gain leadership experience, add a unique line to your resume, and get involved at a higher level. The Leadership Circle will provide input to the SWS as to what events should be developed, ways the SWS can help their local schools and music clubs, and how to continue expanding our influence.

Season Sponsors

The Southwest Symphony gratefully recognizes the generous support of our donors, who realize the immense value that music holds for us all.